As business models evolve, organisations need to be on top of their talent mapping
processes and plan for scale. Decision makers are being challenged with the task of not only meeting the increasing expectations of the workforce in terms of service levels and turnaround times, but are being tasked by the increasing business demands to empower the workforce to be agile to better manage change.

At Greyhound Technocrat, the Talent & Organisation Research, Advisory & Consulting arm of Greyhound Knowledge Group, we believe that a successful people strategy has two key tenets – first it is tailored to the business model and second it accounts for long term changes that the business will witness. In order to implement a successful people strategy, organizations should be open to conducting a thorough evaluation of not just internal benchmarks but also account for how the industry peers are benchmarking their talent.

Questions We Help Your Organization Answer:

  • How are industry peers allocating their people budgets? And what are the salary benchmarks in the industry and how are they changing year-on-year?
  • How to plan for future talent requirements? And what functions should I focus on?
  • How does one manage change in family-run businesses?
  • How do I manage new business leader assimilation?
  • How should I be planning for Corporate Governance in my organization? What is the optimum framework for my business?

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