Competitive pressures are high and organisations are constantly striving to differentiate their offerings. In order to thrive (not just survive) this change, organisation and IT decision makers are being posed with some difficult business-outcome questions. This is deeming organisations to transition their business and technology strategies away from cost-cutting and efficiency to innovation and productivity.

Such forces are impacting the role of CIO who is now tasked to transition IT from a support function to strategic contributor and shift from managing resources to facilitating innovation.

At Greyhound Research, the Technology & Innovation Research, Advisory & Consulting arm of Greyhound Knowledge Group, we believe the recent onslaught of technologies that are directly accessible to various business functions is further adding to the challenges of aligning the IT strategy across the C-Suite. The IT strategy is no longer limited to the IT function, and on the other hand, technology has become core to the business strategy. This deems IT Decision Makers to look at technology from a business lens and ultimately view each of the systems in accordance to their business impact and outcomes.

Questions We Help Your Organization Answer:

  • Does the IT strategy of my organization make sense and what are the important factors I need to consider?
  • Are there any best practices in terms of architectural decisions and business-technology alignment that are directly relevant to my situation?
  • What are the key trends affecting business models today, and how do I dissect the ones that are critical for my organization’s performance, beyond the hype curves and play of jargons?
  • Is my on-premise infrastructure more secure than Cloud? And how different is Cloud security to the previous on-premise and hosted scenarios?
  • My peers tell me Cloud is both a legal and contractual nightmare. How true is this?
  • How are the roles in C-Suite changing and what are navigation strategies to move from traditional organization structure to a modern tech-savvy structure?
  • Do I need to re-skill my team to better manage Cloud providers and Security?

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