Rising Opportunities In Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise Mobility (EM) refers to a shift in business practices whereby more employees work outside the office and access secure corporate data for everyday tasks.

Meanwhile, Sanchit Vir Gogia, CEO, Greyhound Research, foresees growing demand for software and application integrators. “Organizations are integrating finance and accounting with CRM, and this requires massive amounts of integration. I see the demand for software and application integrators rising at least five-fold in the next two years.”

“CXOs are asking questions such as ‘How do we port our mobile apps and use legacy data on mobile devices?’ Besides change management, APIs, integration, data center back-up and data security are prime concerns,” says Gogia. The increased use of social media is another challenge. Warns Gogia, “Employees update their status on social media on the device that also contains mission-critical corporate data. Unless partitioning through containerization is in place, data could be at grave risk.”

Gogia points out the gaps in the skill-sets of IT partners wanting to tap opportunities in EM. “IT partners resell only simplistic MDM solutions. Because of the lack of focus on applications security, they lack the sophistication required for MAM, and hence do not meet enterprise expectations. Most resellers are reselling Mobile Iron and AirWatch, but they do not make money on services.”

To read the Full Article, click here: CRN

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