The Verdict Is Out: Greyhound Research ranks in top 3 Analyst firms in Asia Pacific

Yes, you read that correct! Per the outcomes of the recent Analyst Value Survey conducted by Kea Company that benchmarked 70 analyst firms in Asia Pacific, Greyhound Research has been ranked in top 3 analyst firms in Asia Pacific.

The survey was filled out by 138 industry watchers (IT Decision Makers and IT Vendors) in the region and is by far the most comprehensive study that benchmarks analyst firms and reflects on their value and importance. Here are some insights that we believe matters most to our followers, clients and industry friends.

  • Greyhound Research is the 3rd most independent analyst firm in Asia Pacific. Since its inception, Greyhound Research has maintained its stand on not undertaking any form of vendor-sponsored research. The results below reflect this well.Slide2 with watermark
  • Placing us at the 3rd spot (again), industry watchers believe Greyhound Research’s influence in Asia Pacific has significantly increased over the last year.Slide4 with watermarkAs shared in our recent blog, we are focused chiefly on what’s disrupting the IT industry – new business themes, evolving IT decision makers, emerging technologies, emerging markets and verticals – and plan to continue the same focus for the foreseeable future. We truly believe Emerging Markets – Asia Pacific Japan (APJ), Middle East Africa (MEA), Eastern Europe and Latin America – deserve exclusive focus and the attention; hence our dedication.

  • Greyhound Research is focused on the buy-side and offers solid value for money (on par with some of our Global peers!)Slide5
  • Greyhound Research is the ONLY analyst firm head-quartered in Asia Pacific to rank amongst top 10 firms that influence buyers in Asia Pacific. We also happen to be the ONLY young firm amongst the list of long existing global majors!

Slide1 with watermark

As shared earlier in a blog, Greyhound Research is highly focused on the buy-side community. To augment our efforts, we launched an exclusive, invite-only community of IT decision makers. Called ‘Greyhound Golden Gate’, this program has been running successfully over the past 10 months and we’ve managed to enrol CxOs from over 150 organizations in Emerging Markets. 

  • Industry watchers value and trust Greyhound Research insights – ranked 4th in Asia Pacific for our engagement with Journalists.

Slide3 with watermark

I’m truly humbled to share the outcomes of this study with you. On behalf of our team at Greyhound Research, I want to take this opportunity to personally thank all our friends who have helped us achieve this accolade.

This post will be incomplete without thanking the Greyhound Research team – I’m truly thankful to each one of you to have trusted in us! I know it’s been a tough grind but such outcomes make it totally worth it! 🙂

Saving the best for last – big shout-out to the rockstar team at Kea Company for putting together a comprehensive study. I truly believe the outcomes of this study will help the IT community at large to make well-informed decisions on analyst relations. Keep up the brilliant work!

Lastly, here is what the team at Kea Company has to say about us:

Derk Erbe´


P.S.: To learn more about our story, please listen to my recent Coffee Talk with Duncan Chapple from Kea Company.

SVG 200x200About The Author: Sanchit Vir Gogia is the Chief Analyst & CEO of Greyhound Research, an independent IT & Telecom Research & Advisory firm. He also serves as Founder & CEO of Greyhound Knowledge Group that operates under four brands – Greyhound Research, Greyhound Sculpt, Greyhound Technocrat and Greyhound Vivo. To read more about him, click here.

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