Will HP Get Lucky With Smartphones This Time?

The ever-developing and already crowded smartphone sphere will witness the re-entry of global IT giant Hewlett-Packard (HP). Realizing the business potential in the smartphone industry, Yam Su Yin, the company’s Senior Director, Consumer PC and Media Tablets Asia Pacific told PTI that it would be an awful business decision to stay out of the market.

Greyhound Research’s Chief Analyst and CEO Sanchit Vir Gogia says that HP has to do something dramatically different, specially on the user experience, if it wants to make a big impact in the smartphone industry. According to the analysts, HP will have to invest in “Intellectual Properties” if it wants to bring differentiated capabilities to consumers, which could be through consumer and enterprise offerings.

“Tying up with multiple Operating systems—mainly Windows Phone OS and Android—would help the company, given maturity of their respective app stores and uptake globally,” explains Gogia.

The history will also create apprehension over HP’s success. According to the experts, poor planning may dent HP’s ambitious re-entry plans. “Pricing is going to be very crucial for the company, if it wants to sustain in the challenging smartphone race,” Gogia says.

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